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Wes Barker is a magician & comedian who is all over TV and the internet.


He created and starred in his own TV show Big Trick Energy with his friends Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, and Alex Boyer.

Available on HBOmax (USA), and TruTV.


Wes is also known for his episode of CW’s hit show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Wes became one of the few magicians to win on the show by fooling the legendary Penn & Teller.


Wes also has popular social media channels with 200 MILLION views and was awarded the Silver Play Button from YouTube!


Wes Barker performs around the world at corporate events, comedy festivals, college campuses, comedy clubs, cruise ships, and theatres. He’s wowed audiences on every stage. Canadian Organization of Campus Activities has voted Wes both, Variety Performer of the Year and Comedian of the Year multiple times. Recently he was inducted into their Hall of Fame!


Watching Wes is watching someone in a league of their own. It truly is like watching stand-up comedy, but with amazing magic tricks and audience interaction. It’s basically awesomeness from start to finish.

Still Need More?


You know how every city has its own hometown celebrity? Well, Wes Barker is from the Vancouver area (Langley, BC to be exact) and made this his home base of entertainment operations for many years. Wes even made sure to shoot an episode of his TV show in his home town, on the family farm (Big Trick Energy S1E5).


Wes now lives in Toronto, but constantly bounces all over Canada. With his podcast studio for Bottom of The Barrel in Montreal, and his workshop for designing tricks in Vancouver, it's safe to say his bags are always packed! So if you’re from a different city, or a different country, Wes still has you covered. Companies, festivals, universities, casinos, and theatres from all corners of the globe have flown Wes in to perform at their events for a night they’ll never forget! 


Corporate entertainer, college entertainer, magician, comedian, emcee. These may all sound like different hats, but there is one person who can wear them all. Wes Barker.


From Stage Shows for thousands, to Close-up Magic for five people, Wes will blow your mind, make you laugh, and make your event the success it’s meant to be. No matter where it is- in the world.

For direct bookings please email


What does corporate friendly comedy magic look like?

Since most of my public facing brand is not intended to be corporate or family friendly. Here is an 18 minute clip from a 60 minute live theatre show that will give you a good idea of what my corporate comedy magic looks like. Rest assured I can deliver whatever is appropriate for your group at your event.

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